Baby Step One

I don’t know why writing out my intentions was so important, but I spent most of my Friday thinking about my fears, about why I sabotage my own success.  I don’t have any answers that are logical.  Obviously, my actions are not helping me.  However, I am happy to report that I decided to take steps in the right direction.  Last night, I picked an area to declutter in my living room, a chair.  I haven’t been able to sit in this chair for months, as it became a dumping spot for items I wasn’t ready to deal with.  This morning, I tackled said chair.  I put away the things I wished to keep, and the rest…went into a donation bag.  If I haven’t used the items in months, how valuable could they be?  It felt good, but scary.  I always have mixed feelings when it comes to donations.  The faster the junk is out of my home, the better!  Baby steps, but I’ve already eyeballed another area to declutter tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Baby Step One”

  1. Awesome! When I get rid of things I have to do it in layers – go through it the first time, get rid of a little, wait a week or so, go through it again, etc. until I can finally peel it down to what I want. I guess I find it easier to get rid of just a few things at a time instead of one big bunch. Maybe I’m tricking myself? LOL!


    1. I’ve practiced the layered technique, the 15 minute rule, the “Have I used this in the past year?” trick… I guess it’s about whatever gets the crap out of your home, but consistency​ is my downfall.

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