Baby Step Three: Time Capsule in a Tote

I went to bed earlier than usual last night.  Kiddo starts school the day after Labor Day.  I’m trying to get used to his school schedule routine, a routine that works better for me as well if I’m being honest with myself.  That said, I’ve already tackled a tote of miscellaneous clutter, more like a time capsule, early this morning.  I found six old journals, one of which had letters from 26-year-old me addressed to future me.  That one was an eye-opener!  Twenty-six-year-old me wasn’t as naive as I would have thought she’d be.  She still had goals and plans for her future.  I’ll have to peruse these journals later.  I’m curious.  These journals are from a chapter of my life that’s become hazy with time.

4 thoughts on “Baby Step Three: Time Capsule in a Tote”

    1. I wish I’d done it consciously, as in I wish could remember writing this for me, addressed to me. LOL I barely recognized the journal as mine, it’s been that long! I think I was afraid that I’d forget how it felt to live in that moment. I was planning my wedding and everything was so chaotic. I’m glad I took the time back then to write out my thoughts and feelings.


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