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Tulip Fest in My Yard!

Back in December, I bought HUNDREDS of tulip bulbs on clearance. Each bag of bulbs had been priced between fifty cents and a dollar, with ten to thirty bulbs in a bag, depending on the variety.  I bought around thirty dollars worth of bulbs: tulips, daffodils, etc. Plus, I bought irises and some other things as well.

Since I practice the “squirrel technique” of gardening, I have forgotten WHAT I planted and WHERE I planted it. But…things are starting to bloom, and I’m THRILLED with the results!!!

I thought everything would boom at the same time, but it seems that different colors/varieties bloom at different times so I guess I’ll be able to enjoy tulips for MUCH longer than I thought I would. Who knew? Some of the bulbs are just popping up and others are in full bloom. Some are scented, but not all. There’s not much rhyme or reason, other than I do prefer to plant in clumps. (Makes it easier to discern weeds from the stuff I’ve planted, although not always. LOL)

Enjoy the weekend!

xo Juli

22 thoughts on “Tulip Fest in My Yard!”

    1. LOL I just stick things in the ground. Sometimes I even water them! Whatever survives must be of HARDY stock or it’s not going to make it. Perennials work out better with this method.

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    1. Yes! It’s like receiving a little gift every time something new blossoms. Well…look at THAT! I don’t remember planting that… Or, I don’t remember planting THAT in that color/place/etc. LOL


  1. Mother Nature brings such beauty into our lives. We have tulips (I bought Queen of the Night – deep purple ones…or so I thought…some are two-tone red and yellow), daffodils, mini daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths. The yard is on the wane now, but the sights and scents are wonderful. I’ve bought plenty of clearance bulbs at Christmas Tree Shop and delight in planting them…and I see squirrels delight in digging them up and eating them.

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