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Baby Step Six: A Reward

As of this morning, I’m down another tote!  My living room is more than half-way clear.  There will be an end to this sorting madness in just a matter of days.

As a little reward, for NOT quitting, for trudging on even when the task seemed somewhat overwhelming, I bought a new tablecloth for my table.  I wanted something pretty, a reminder that our table is NOT an appropriate dumping place for clutter.  I’ve been looking for a tablecloth for a long time, but nothing seemed quite right.  They were all too thin or cheap feeling.  Plus, I have cats that sit at the table far more often than the humans in this house.  LOL  I need a tablecloth that can handle being laundered often and won’t snag easily.

I found this Ralph Lauren tablecloth at a thrift store for only $4.99:

Ralph Lauren Tablecloth
My “New” Ralph Lauren Tablecloth

The tablecloth had never been used.  The material is thick.  The quality is similar to the fabric on our oversized chair slipcovers.  I scouted around the Internet, these tablecloths usually run between $60-$100 on Amazon.  I love finding a great deal!

It’s been suggested by family and friends that I box up what’s left and move forward.  Oh, how I’d LOVE to do that!  Unfortunately, there isn’t a closet, basement, or attic to put these leftovers in.  We have exactly 3 closets in my home, one for each bedroom.  My husband and I share a tiny closet that can’t hold our entire wardrobe.  We pack our off-season clothing into suitcases.  My son’s closet is smaller than our closet.  The smallest closet is in a bedroom we use as a library/TV room.  The fact that our master bathroom is 12ft 6in x 9ft, yet we have NO linen closets or coat closets proves that our home was designed by a man, a man who apparently only used a single washcloth and never wore a coat, but needed a bathroom big enough to dance in.  At least he had his priorities straight!

Anyway, the boxes, grocery sacks, totes, etc. in the living room are what remained when I cleared and organized the other rooms while I was unemployed from work.  These are the orphans.  I donated another bag of this leftover mess today.  I’ve got another donation bag half-full.  Progress is steady.  I feel good about this week’s accomplishments.

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