Six Sentence Sunday

Fifth Edition of #SixSentenceSunday

So this is the fifth editon of Six Sentence Sunday.  I chose another Chloe excerpt for today’s viewing.  This is from the first book in The Williamson Vampires Series, Chapter Two.


I loved Uncle Jason as much as if he really was my biological uncle, but his wife seemed to go crazy over too many insignificant details.  I never realized the scope of how difficult she was to please until I moved into Uncle Jason’s study.  The morning after my father passed away, I’d forgotten to fold up the torture device they saved for guests, cleverly disguised as a chair.  It turned into a bed that resembled a maxi pad.  Seeing it out and unfolded had sent her into a rage.  She threatened to make me sleep on the floor if I ever forgot to put it away again.


Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “Fifth Edition of #SixSentenceSunday”

    1. My hubby HATES my Stephanie character. He calls her “Java the Hut!” I think it’s hilarious that I was able to create a character that stirs up that kind of emotion in him. He’s normally VERY calm and rational, but he hates her so much, he can actually start ranting about her. It’s REALLY, REALLY FUNNY! I have to remind him that:
      A. She’s not real.
      B. Like it or not, she came out of my wacky imagination.
      C. She’s still not real.
      Stephanie may be scarier than the majority of my vampires, though Virginia would give her a run for her money. Another “poor Chloe” moment!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the maxi pad description. I wondered if it was too much, but a friend of mine has a chair like this, and that’s what I think of when I see it pulled out. I don’t see how it would be comfortable to sleep on!


  1. Okay – everyone stole my maxi pad line – I loved it too. that is so funny about your hubby and the character – on so many levels – I have to explain something from my SSS to you but I forgot what it is I shall return


    1. You have a maxi pad line too? This is old stuff I wrote at LEAST 3 years ago and I don’t know what I ate on Friday, so that shows how my mind works! LOL The chair in this story is based on an ACTUAL chair that a friend of mine bought maybe…8+ years ago? We ALL call it “the maxi pad chair.” It’s my friend’s favorite chair and has survived 3 moves. Maybe all female writers have a special place in their hearts for feminine hygiene shaped furniture! ROFL!!!


  2. Loved this! You seriously packed a wallop in just 6 sentences! Great sense of the POV character with her descriptions, and great portrayal of the ‘aunt’ – can’t stand her already!


  3. Explanation on my SSS
    The soul collector’s job is to send the souls to the Devil (Mr.D) If the soul is stuck in the body Mr.D is out a soul
    A soul cannot remain in a deceased body. This story starts with devil visiting his boss for a reprimand for losing a soul. If a soul is not released from a body it wanders aimlessly – a lost soul.


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