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A “Day Planner” that Actually Works

Before the New Year began, I bought a new calendar to hang on the wall in our kitchen and then hunted for a smaller planner to keep in my purse.  The wall calendar holds information regarding everyone in the family: school activities, appointments, and schedules go on the kitchen calendar.  The planner is supposed to… Continue reading A “Day Planner” that Actually Works

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Crossing Over

My Christmas decorations are DOWN.  I feel like an adult.  Old decorations are down, other knick-knacks go up tomorrow, and it's only the fourth of January.  Woo hoo! I've been trying to switch out my knick-knacks once a month.  At this point in my life, I've collected a LOT of cute and interesting things, but… Continue reading Crossing Over

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Getting Started

I've been making excuses for NOT writing a new blog post, for staying away, for allowing my perfectionism to get a foothold in my life.  AGAIN.  I don't care what project you're struggling with, most of the time, 99% of the problem is getting started.  Once you get started, things usually have a way of working… Continue reading Getting Started