24 thoughts on “Limericks…They’re the Cheesiest!”

  1. Juli:

    A limerick stands or falls on two pillars: Rhyme and meter. Both are important.
    Your rhyme was spot on – kudos!
    Your meter, not so much: The metric form for a limerick is 9,9,6(5),6(5),9. You missed all of the Nines, you got one of the Sixes. Overall grade: B+. A few extras moments of effort would likely yield an A+.

    An example of possible tweaks:

    This lesson is making me queasy, (ta TUM ta, ta TUM ta, ta TUM ta.)
    ‘Cause limericks sound a bit cheesy.
    With words like ‘Nantucket’, (ta TUM ta, ta TUM ta)
    I surely will muck it,
    And I will not write something sleazy!

    Here’s my take on the subject:

    A ‘cheesy’ assignment was given
    To one who by scruples was riven.
    “I can, if I must,
    Though filled with disgust.”
    She said, “And I hope I’m forgiven.”


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  2. I think you should say your limerick out loud to people you like and trust. (When possible, go with a sympathetic audience to start.) Their responses might be helpful–and hopefully enjoyable. I enjoyed the rhymes. A limerick about limericks. Always a challenge. Thank you!

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    1. I’m NOT a poet and I know it! LOL I took Writing 101, Poetry because I know almost NOTHING about poetry. I thought it would be an interesting exercise. My sister is a percussionist with a music-related degree. She writes music, but not lyrics. She recently challenged me to see if I could write lyrics, something she could set to her music. Lyrics first, then the music is her preference. I write stories. She writes music. What could go wrong? Don’t answer that! LOL Anyway, these poetry assignments have been a riot, FAR more entertaining than I imagined them to be. Writing stories is one thing. But for me, writing poetry is like fingerpainting with words! It’s messy, and squishy, and oodles of fun. I really wasn’t expecting that type of viseral reaction. Who knows, maybe I’ll give the sister’s lyric challenge a try! If nothing else, it would be fun to colaborate on a project. πŸ˜‰


      1. “Writing is messy.” That’s a quotation from my favorite writing theorist, Peter Elbow. (Yes, like an elbow.) Yes, please respond to your sister’s challenge. Your poetic work is musical. Your writing about the process also has a lyric quality. Your sister is a musician. I shouldn’t be surprised. But your words “messy,” “squishy,” and “oodles”–and your narrative in your reply about your time with the classes and poetry overall (“fingerpainting” and the rest)–all have song in them. Play on!

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    1. Thanks! If I’d put more than 10 minutes into the poem, and hadn’t been watching Supernal on Netflix while trying to figure out what rhymes with what, I might have earned myself an A. Hey! It’s just like high school, doing my homework on the bus or in another class… Aww…memories! LOL πŸ˜‰


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