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Zazzle Anyone?

Have any of you tried setting up a Zazzle shop?

I’m thinking of setting up a shop and any advice would be appreciated. I play at painting and photography and thought about creating something on Zazzle for me, but then I thought…if I’m going to go through all the trouble of using their site anyway, I could just as easily post my work and offer it up for sale or whatever. It wouldn’t cost me any money or anything to do that. Then I started going through some of my other pieces and thought that maybe I could put those on there as well. It could be fun, something hubby and I could do together since he likes to play at photography as well. Maybe even drag our kiddo on board. It’s a thought.

Falling by Juli Hoffman
Yes, I made this.


Author Amy Stewart paints, but she sells her work on eBay. Quite frankly, I don’t want to get that fussy, but some of my stuff might be cute on a greeting card—even if I’m the only one ordering them.  Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess has a Zazzle shop.  Some of her stuff is pretty hilarious.


Anyway, painting is a lot of fun, almost therapeutic, and I haven’t created anything new in quite a while. I think it would be healthy for me to regularly create new pieces and Zazzle might be a good platform to showcase them. I did do a little research to see what Zazzle had to offer. Basically, they’re a print on demand service. It’s free to set up a shop. No monthly fees. You decide what you want your work printed on, and if someone decides to make a purchase from your shop, you get paid a small commission.

I’m not really looking at this as a possible source of passive income, although that would be nice. Mostly, I think it’s just an excuse to make more art.

In other news, I’m now down to 181.2 lbs.  I’ve lost 3.4 lbs since I started The List of MORE. I was proudly looking at my list the other day, and later pointed out some of the things I’d accomplished when my hubby said, “But…you made the list. It’s your list.” I agreed with him. Then hubby said, “But you just made the list up and threw it on a blog post because you were worried and angry. You just pulled it out of your tush.” Again, I agreed with him. I also reminded him that this is how ALL self-help diet plans are started. Someone has an idea, pulls it from their tush, and shares it with the world. The fact that this particular list was created in our living room is beside the point. I think this has left him wary of the whole self-help field. LOL I’m not a healthcare professional, but I know sensible when I see it. Why should my plan be less valid than anyone elses? (Maybe hubby just doesn’t want to be my guinea pig! He’s lost weight, too.)

I got More Movement in early in my day. I did Day 2 of Yoga With Adriene. (Weather was too wet to play outside today.)

I followed this up with a half hour pajama dance party in my living room while watching The Fitness Marshall. (Thank you, Dana Ellington, for reminding me of this guy! Waving hi!!! Be sure to stop by her blog and say hello.)


The Fitness Marshall’s videos are high energy. I can’t keep up with his dance moves. But, these videos work really well if you just use them as background noise while you do your own thing. (This is what I often do while playing Just Dance on the Wii.) When I first saw The Fitness Marshall, I thought his videos were entertaining, but wouldn’t touch them because the steps were intimidating and I felt too uncoordinated to do them the “right way.” Since then, I realize I had completely lost the plot!!! The whole point is More Movement. It doesn’t matter if I’m improvising my own dance moves while watching his YouTube videos, as long as I’m having fun and working up a sweat, that’s all that matters. It’s about experiencing More Kindness. Kindness to my heart by getting More Movement. Kindness to my body by keeping the dance moves low-impact. More Movement is NOT about choreography.

Have a wonderful day!

xo Juli

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