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Seven Interesting Facts About Me

Yesterday, I was nominated by JYOTSNA SHENOY of Artpsycho for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you for the award and for following me. (*Click the link to check out her lovely blog.) I've had a number of new followers over the past few weeks (waving hi!!!) so I'm probably overdue for one of these posts.… Continue reading Seven Interesting Facts About Me

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Zazzle Anyone?

Have any of you tried setting up a Zazzle shop? I'm thinking of setting up a shop and any advice would be appreciated. I play at painting and photography and thought about creating something on Zazzle for me, but then I thought...if I'm going to go through all the trouble of using their site anyway,… Continue reading Zazzle Anyone?

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Orginal Artwork by Juli Hoffman or… I’m procrastinating, again.

After yesterday's post, I felt inspired to draw out my ineffectual fist bump with Sue the T-Rex.  It was quite theraputic! Yup!  That's me, in my bathrobe, with my lobster claw hands.  I spent less than 5 minutes drawing it and more than 15 minutes looking for markers, paper, a working pen...  Did I mention… Continue reading Orginal Artwork by Juli Hoffman or… I’m procrastinating, again.