Random Ramblings, Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup

Hello!!! How are you? It’s been a while since I’ve caught up with everyone, so here’s a quick post of what’s happening around yonder Hoffman Haus.

You can’t go home again.


Okay. You can visit your childhood home, but it’s never the same and more often than not, it’s probably disappointing. It seems that the modest home that used to be behind our funky blue house was torn down and TWO McMansions have taken its place. Sigh… You can’t see it in this picture but that little side road is quite steep. I’m not sure how a car will make it up to those driveways in the winter. Our own driveway was icy and treacherous enough. (My sister and I used to help shovel the driveway and part of that road. By hand!!!) Anyway, it was shocking see the changes and I almost wished I hadn’t, but I suppose that’s progress.

What I’m listening to:

The audio edition of William H. McRaven’s book, Make Your Bed, is FANTASTIC!!! My local library recently got a copy of it on CD and I highly recommend it. It’s short, enjoyable, and read by the author. And yes, I DID make my bed this morning. 🙂

What I’m watching:

I’ve been watching TED Talks on my Kindle while I workout at the gym. (Love that I can use my wireless headphones with my Kindle!) Anyway, I must have looked like I was about to have a fit when I saw this one.  Thank you, Tim Urban!!!  This was hilarious!!!!!!!

What I’m making:

I’ve been playing/making more things at my Zazzle Shop. It’s been soooo much fun! I’ve already bought a t-shirt and a card from my shop. You can check out a link to the site HERE.

What I’m eating:

If you’re going to eat chocolate, it should be GOOD chocolate! I received the BEST chocolate I’ve ever tasted as one of my Christmas gifts and I still have a few pieces left, although I’m trying to make them last as long as possible. Detroit Chocolat is amazing!!!! Their chocolate is creamy and sweet, but not too sweet. I especially love their dark chocolate with dried cherry clusters. Delicious!

Quote I’m pondering:

We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.
― Seneca

Have a wonderful weekend!!

xo Juli


4 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup”

    1. They are and I wonder if they could be recreated… Melt dark chocolate, throw in dried cherries, drop by spoonful or you could probably use a baby muffin tin. Hmmmmmm….


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