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I’ve Accepted Family Circle’s 31-Day Detox Challenge #Organizing

I see articles like the one in Family Circle: "A 31-Day Detox Challenge to Help You Declutter Your Home—and Your Mind" all the time. The problem is, my perfectionism generally gets in my way. If I don't complete the "challenge," whatever it might be, I feel like a failure. If I don't start the challenge… Continue reading I’ve Accepted Family Circle’s 31-Day Detox Challenge #Organizing

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A “Day Planner” that Actually Works

Before the New Year began, I bought a new calendar to hang on the wall in our kitchen and then hunted for a smaller planner to keep in my purse.  The wall calendar holds information regarding everyone in the family: school activities, appointments, and schedules go on the kitchen calendar.  The planner is supposed to… Continue reading A “Day Planner” that Actually Works

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Writing Goals

I added a new Page to my blog today, so I could keep track of my writing goals. I wanted to make this public, to keep me honest and motivated. Tomorrow is my birthday, and birthdays always make me think about where I am in life and where I'm going. I have been procrastinating/honing my… Continue reading Writing Goals