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Free Links for Editing Your Manuscript

I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Will I get to 50,000 words by the end of this month? I doubt it. I've learned that when I turn writing into a "job," strangely enough, it starts to feel like "work." Quite frankly, I don't want that. I have a job. (More than one.) However, I do enjoy the camaraderie of being… Continue reading Free Links for Editing Your Manuscript

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Life/Writing Updates

I made it through the holiday season, which in our case, ends with the kiddo's birthday.  It seems like only yesterday, we brought the kiddo home from the hospital.  Now he's taller than his aunties and almost the same height as me!  His feet are the same size as my hubby's...and the kiddo's feet are still… Continue reading Life/Writing Updates

Creative Space, It's Another Vacation!

Short post: Spending time with my Girls

I love having time to do the things I enjoy.  I've been trying to make time for creativity, but there's nothing like a vacation.  The last couple of days have been especially fun, editing wise.  I missed spending quality time with my girls...my female characters, that is.  It's strange.  I created them, but they've taken… Continue reading Short post: Spending time with my Girls