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“Ask Me How I’m Going to Lose 30 lbs!” #9YRChallenge

Last year, due to circumstances beyond my control, I had a career shift.  It happens to the best of us.  Corporate downsizing.  Survival of the fitness and all the jazz.  After fifteen years of service, I found myself out of a job.  Since then, I've bounced back.  I'm working again...but NOT for the same company… Continue reading “Ask Me How I’m Going to Lose 30 lbs!” #9YRChallenge

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Wearing David Bowie’s Pants

Like most people, I have dreams that have gone unfulfilled. I've made plans and broken promises to myself. Excuses happen. Life gets in the way. Daily demands occur that are hardly noteworthy. Feed the dog. Wash the laundry. Do this. Do that. Take out the trash on your way out the door... But then I… Continue reading Wearing David Bowie’s Pants

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Step Away From The Hamster Wheel!

I'd like to say that hours and hours of thoughtful planning go into my blog posts, but we all know none of it's true!  I wake up, get the kiddo off to school, watch a few cat videos on Facebook, and dive into my day.  On a good day, I jump off the hamster wheel… Continue reading Step Away From The Hamster Wheel!