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Persistence and Author Amanda Brooke

This Twitter post came up on my Facebook feed this morning and I had to share it...on WordPress. ??? LOL (Yes, we live in a convoluted social media world.) https://twitter.com/AmandaBrookeAB/status/1067114345082101760 In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't read any of Amanda Brooke's books, yet. However, she seems to be a prolific writer. (She's about… Continue reading Persistence and Author Amanda Brooke

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Wearing David Bowie’s Pants

Like most people, I have dreams that have gone unfulfilled. I've made plans and broken promises to myself. Excuses happen. Life gets in the way. Daily demands occur that are hardly noteworthy. Feed the dog. Wash the laundry. Do this. Do that. Take out the trash on your way out the door... But then I… Continue reading Wearing David Bowie’s Pants

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Writing, Not Writing, And Word Counts

I could probably write about my struggles with perfectionism every single day, and never run out of content.  Except eventually, I WOULD run out of steam, and then I'd find a way to sabotage myself.  That's what I do.  I think that's what all perfectionists do.  We try so hard to do everything the "right"… Continue reading Writing, Not Writing, And Word Counts