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Sunshine Blogger Award

Yesterday, I was nominated by ~H@rdip~ of Marvelous Pages for the Sunshine Blogger Award. (Waving hi!) Click the link to check out the Marvelous Pages blog. 1) Who’s your favorite book villain and why? Good question! I love a well-written villain. Since I read a LOT, my "favorite" is constantly changing. Right now, I'd say it's a tie… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

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Rototilling My Beliefs in 2018

Every year I make a pact with myself, "This year is going to be different." But most years turn out the same. I have my ups and downs. I wrestle with depression. I try. I fail. I have some good times, but it's hard. I feel like I'm not enough. Not good enough. Not capable… Continue reading Rototilling My Beliefs in 2018

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2011 Kerrytown Bookfest with Links and other Rambles

I’m on Stay-cation #3.  Yup, when you sell your soul time to a decent company, stay there long enough, and work every holiday, they woo you with perks like paid vacation time and insurance.  Yay!!! My step-mom is still at the hospital.  She’s fighting a nasty infection.  I’m worried for her.  😦 I’ve got “old… Continue reading 2011 Kerrytown Bookfest with Links and other Rambles