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Think Small: Save the World

This has been a bad year for those of us who fight with depression. Pop onto ANY social media site, and you'll be bombarded with EVERYTHING wrong with the world. There are billions of people who are hurting, starving, and in desperate need of help. Every. Single. Day. For example: Approximately 795 million people in the… Continue reading Think Small: Save the World

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My To Do List and Newton’s First Law of Motion

I had a small list of things I wanted to accomplish today, but I almost didn't start my list because of ONE task: back to school shoe shopping with my kiddo. I don't enjoy shoe shopping. I never have. Taking a teenager to buy shoes makes ME feel angsty and whiney. Mind you, my son… Continue reading My To Do List and Newton’s First Law of Motion

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Library Garden

I was at the library today and I had to stop to take some pictures of the gorgeous gardens surrounding the building. They are entirely maintained by volunteers. I feel like they've really outdone themselves this year! Had to share this lovely space with all of you. The library gardens make me want to do… Continue reading Library Garden