NaNoWriMo is putting crazy thoughts inside my dreams!

So I’m beginning to wonder about myself.  I’ve been having all these CRAZY dreams lately.  I’m running or I’m chasing, but they are all about me getting murdered.  Not good right?!  In each dream, someone’s trying to kill me and I’m trying to figure out who did it.  So far, the hubby is NOT on… Continue reading NaNoWriMo is putting crazy thoughts inside my dreams!

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Stupid Reality!

My computer and I have been at war with one another!  I’ve lost the same chapter TWICE!  I don’t know why I think the “mute” button and the off button look alike, but I have decided to concede!  If you accidentally hit off instead of mute once, then spend an hour looking for the “magic… Continue reading Stupid Reality!

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Life and Book Updates…BAH!

Crazy week.  I haven’t had time to post anything new, mostly I’ve been commenting on everyone else’s posts.  YEP!  I’m becoming “THAT” girl.  GEESH!  😉 My extended family has finally set a date for Grandma’s memorial service, towards the end of this month.  I’m glad for that. Mostly, I’ve been trying to get everything in… Continue reading Life and Book Updates…BAH!