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Stupid Reality!

My computer and I have been at war with one another!  I’ve lost the same chapter TWICE!  I don’t know why I think the “mute” button and the off button look alike, but I have decided to concede!  If you accidentally hit off instead of mute once, then spend an hour looking for the “magic spot” your chapter is hiding in, well…you chock it up as one of those things.  If you do it again, with the SAME chapter, and never find it again, no matter HOW many ways you search for it, one must conclude that it’s some sort of a sign from the angry writing gods!  It’s around here somewhere, but I’ll probably have to rewrite the entire thing before I find it.  I know me!  In the meantime, I’ve placed a neon sticker over the “off” button…just in case!  It’s like the laptop version of the detonate button.  😉

 Gilded Cage joined One Last Cigarette on my Wattpad account.  Neither one was written in my usual “writing voice.”  I might tweak Gilded Cage…or not.  Who knows?  It’s fun playing with short stories and throwing them out into the universe.  I’m afraid I haven’t spent nearly enough time working with them, something I’d like to rectify in the future.  I’ve been CRAZY busy for over a week, so they’re like a fun writing vacation between playing at my WIP that never ends.  I had a nightmare a few nights back that I’d FINALLY finished my book, but it looked a little like the vampire version of War and Peace.  EEK!

 Speaking of nightmares, I’ve had a LOT of crazy dreams over the past few nights.  I had one where I was a “doll” in the TV show “Dollhouse.”  I had a dream where someone was trying to murder me.  Crazy stuff!!!  Lots of running and chasing in these dreams, they haven’t been very restful.  I think they’re all stressed induced.  Lately, I feel as though I’m being pulled in a million different directions, like everyone wants to take a piece of me.  I need a little Juli recharge time, not much, just a little.  Work life has been extra stressful lately, reality has been extra…REAL…blah, blah, blah… Stupid Reality!  Nobody wants to hear about it.  😛

 Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Stupid Reality!”

  1. Sooo appreciated J & J construction….sorry sooo tiring & stressful…sure ur Dad is freaked when I have been sick for sooo long…Loved having time with Alex looking forward to this weekend with him….More Dr appts ..but working towards getting better for good…Know u guys are busy too…Love to give you a break from alex as such a joy for me….Love you’all…xo Grandma K aka K Mom..xoxoxooxox


    1. Yeah, luckily the other “J” in “J & J construction” was his usual easy going self! LOL 🙂 Burgers were great by the way! Hopefully, everything fits in the new shed, if not, we’ll have Jen and Shell help build the next one! He! He!


      1. OMG I am laughing like crazy… what a great idea.& hilarious !!!!!.Shell is way to smart for that ,she adores him so she ‘d be sucking up & bringing him food & healing the wounded.!!..hee,hee ..Saw another DR today the best one & wonderful.has infused me for yrs & likely will b starting again..Shell has talked to her, she was Gram Teppo’s Dr…so moving forward ..Really Sorry it took soooo long but glad you liked burgers & s p fries. Shed perfect…now to move the storage unit.maybe should call Jenni & Laurie & Jess..holy crap…Plus ur Dad is exhausted …so a break 2 Robs with Alex will be fun…take care xo


  2. hey how did I get that green thing on the right side….I could put something more creative if I knew how …I think I could


    1. Good question…Hmmm. WordPress must be “fixing stuff” again. All the sites seem to be updating stuff lately. It’s driving me crazy. My icons were on the left yesterday, so this must be a NEW switch.


  3. Will be there at 10 :30 to get Alex…we bought some books 4 him to read here…Have a relaxing weekend…know we’ll be having a great one too….!!! Not sure if church on Sunday & maybe library too…Have J call Toms cell Sunday….when he knows when Alex is leaving…I need to go somewhere with Adriana Sunday 2:30ish…Love, Grandma K


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