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17 Minutes

My Telephone Hearing lasted 17 minutes. That's 17 minutes of hands shaking, heart in my throat, shallow breathing, and raw nerves.  It was the longest 17-minute phone call of my life.  And...I don't think it's over just yet. I got an email last night that seems to be saying in convoluted legalese that I owe money… Continue reading 17 Minutes

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Phone Court?

It's been a stress-filled day.  In fact, I'm so upset, I was close to tears.  I received a letter in the mail.   It seems I have a telephone hearing next week regarding the unemployment benefits I received a year ago.  That's right.  A YEAR ago.  Who knew judges were conference calling eligibility cases?  It seems… Continue reading Phone Court?


Release Me

It’s unofficially official.   I’m being “released” from my job in mid-January. I didn’t do anything wrong. “It’s not personal. It’s business.” Yup! There’s nothing like a tired cliché to make the “we’re letting you go” process seem even more surreal. It makes me think of that movie, “You’ve Got Mail.” Losing my job, after… Continue reading Release Me