Author #JoleeneNaylor is having a sale!

I'm shameless!  I admit it. I'm a sucker for a sale, I love a good vampire story, and I LOVE sharing good news and good links.  This time, I get to do a little of each.  For a limited time only, author Joleene Naylor, is offering ALL four of the books in her Amaranthine Series...ON SALE!!!  Woo… Continue reading Author #JoleeneNaylor is having a sale!

Dark Ramblings with Author Joleene Naylor

Dark Ramblings with Author Joleene Naylor

Ashes of Deceit Blog Tour, Day 5:  Leave a comment and your email address for a Chance to Win a FREE e-book by author Joleene Naylor.  A winner will be chosen on June 25, 2012.  “So…what blogs do you follow?” Blogs?  Back in early winter of 2011, I didn’t follow any blogs.  Heck!  I hardly… Continue reading Dark Ramblings with Author Joleene Naylor