Random Ramblings

“Jesus don’t want you’re excuses…”

I’m not sure what the heck was going on this weekend, but it definitely had a religious theme.  I’m not talking about spirituality.  That’s different.  No.  This weekend was about people behaving badly, and then dragging their various religions along for the ride. I had a woman call me a “bitch” on Saturday, in anticipation… Continue reading “Jesus don’t want you’re excuses…”

Blog's Anniversary

“Don’t you have a GUY who can do that?”

My blog’s anniversary came and went without any fanfare.  I’ve been working.  And working.  Oh!  And did I mention work?  Yeah…  I hate to admit it, but I don’t bounce back from these long days as easily as I did even five years ago.  Though I did help a work buddy move a 175 lb… Continue reading “Don’t you have a GUY who can do that?”


Anarchy, Furniture, and Peas.

Three days into the New Year, and I’m craving my “normal” routines.  Dream on, Juli!  That won’t happen until February or March-ish.  Kiddo’s back in class with so much crap in his backpack, I swear, I don’t know how he doesn’t tip over.  Hubby’s schedule is so complex, only the Mayans could figure it out,… Continue reading Anarchy, Furniture, and Peas.