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Back to Work, Post Stay-cation #2

My first day back at the job-I-need-to-pay-my-bills went well.  I suppose I was expecting another toilet bowl day, but it was actually a really nice first day back.  I know, I know, they can’t ALL horribly bad, but in my mind, I really was expecting it.  I may have even indulged in a little fantasy about how horrible things would be, a little reverse therapy, visualization gone awry.  😉  Anyways, I came back to work refreshed, worked my tushie off, and had lots of positive feedback.  Sometimes it’s GREAT to be wrong.

Michagan Tomatoes, locally grown

In the spirit of enjoying the little things in life, we bought locally grown tomatoes this past weekend.  It was my final stay-cation act.  OK, so nobody’s doing handstands over this but me, but I love REAL tomatoes.  Those reddish things they sell in the grocery store remind me of tomatoes, but taste like sour nothings, if they taste like anything at all.  Real tomatoes aren’t perfectly anything.  The coloring is a little uneven, so is the shape, and they may be sporting a battle scar or two.  It’s not the packaging but the taste that wins you over.  We usually grow our own.  You can’t buy that flavor anywhere but at one of those little lean-to stands that sit by the side of the road, the ones where the paint is flaking in an “I made it myself” kind of way.

Last night the hubby cooked up some tomatoes for a little homemade pasta sauce.  Yum!  Tonight I enjoyed them fresh.  So good!  It’s the little things that make life enjoyable. 🙂


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