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Mutant Woodchucks at the Hoffman Haus

The woodchucks are at it again!  When they’re not “landscaping,” they’re building.  Apparently the latest project requires large amounts of heavy duty plastic.  I’m not sure why they need plastic.  I have my own theories.  These are the same woodchucks that tried to eat the welcome mat on my front porch.  I went to open the front door to let the dog out, and one of the youngsters stuck around.  “Hey!  I really like your house.  Do you mind if I come in and take a look around?  I could really use something to drink.  That sisal was so dry!”  I declined.  I don’t usually let woodland critters stop by unannounced.  It’s just rude.  Critters are allowed to visit by invitation only.

Heavy duty plastic bag filled with landscaping rocks. The woodchucks are stealing bits of the plastic bag.

 Regardless of my wishes, the woodchucks think I’m a fabulous hostess and are here to stay.  I unintentionally feed them all my flowers, and anything else that’s green around the yard.  I give them shelter.  I believe they’ve either decided to make me their queen or perhaps they’re creating a Trojan horse so they can break into my home and hang out with me forever, hence the reason for their new obsession, collecting plastic from any and all bags in the area.

Plastic bag filled with landscaping rocks. Maybe the woodchucks want to spruce up the place.

 So far, the little varmints have stolen three quarters of the plastic from a bag of mulch and now they are tearing up a plastic bag filled with landscaping rocks.  I’ve watched them doing it.  I tried to capture a picture of them in the act, but they keep waddling away too quickly.  The hubby says they’re nesting, getting ready for the winter, but I’ve never heard of plastic stealing woodchucks.  I think we have a colony of mutants.  😉


5 thoughts on “Mutant Woodchucks at the Hoffman Haus”

  1. I believe you mis- spoke I believe the bags are SEALING the Woodchucks..see how easy it is to solve other peoples problems…SOOO SOOO appreciate ALL everyone did on Saturday for Uncle Rob..& Dad & I…We all had a great day..those days make me miss you guys more…LOVE YOU ALL TONS…ok ok Love Alex 1 or 2 tons more….he makes my heart leap for joy when he runs up to hug me…SADLY he is growing up too fast for me..But he is very smart & a quick learner…I did tell him a long time ago he is growing up and boys & men hold doors open for girls women family & older stranger to be polite…he has brought me more joy than you can ever imagine !!! Thanks for MY ALEX


    1. Not a problem Jo! I’ll throw a few in a box for ya, and send them your way!!! LOL As an added bonus, you can drag them out on Ground Hogs Day and won’t that be a hoot! Hmm…8 more weeks of winter or 2 months! 😉


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