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Still feeling under the weather.

I’m still sick.  I’m not sure if my laptop is feeling better yet either.  It’s temperamental, as is its user.  WordPress, Facebook, and Google+ all changed a bunch of stuff within days of each other.  I’m sorry to say, it took me a good 5-10 minutes to figure out how to post this short stupid blurb.  Technology and I are NOT good friends and getting old bites!  I’ve got the scary looking bathrobe, now all I need to  do is yell at some kids and tell them to “get off my lawn,” and my week will be complete.  I would post a picture of that, but I think someone would have to report my content.  NOBODY wants to see Juli in her bleach-stained sweatpants, hubby’s oversized t-shirt, and THE Ugly Green Bathrobe, the one that used to belong to her hubby, but is now too ratty looking for him to wear.  And here he wanted to throw it out!  Ha!  It’s perfectly fine…if you don’t pass by a mirror.  🙂  It’s like wearing a giant green towel.  You can only imagine the potential possibilities.  I drink a boat-load of coffee every day.  Spills happen.

I will try to post something of interest as soon as I’m feeling human again.  I started to update the pages on my WordPress, but I might have to hold off on that for a bit.  Don’t bother clicking on the tab thingy that’s supposed show stuff I’ve written…there was going to be some short stories and stuff, but right now, NOTHING is there.  I was working on that when my computer crashed earlier this week.  I don’t feel like messing with it until everything’s a little more stable.  It’s been a buggy kind of week.  Blah!!!  😉


3 thoughts on “Still feeling under the weather.”

  1. HAHA! Awesome! I need a bathrobe like that – my t-shirst have to soak up the dribbles now 😉

    Hope you are feeling better 😦 I’ve been out sic and came back to find everything upgraded – add Blogger to that list, too. WTF is the deal? It’s all going square. I guess I was ahead this time as I redid my website to all squares last year. OMG! that’s it! They all copied me!

    Okay, add delusional to my list of symptoms…


    1. And who thinks delusional is a bad thing? I see nothing wrong with it. 😉 Then again, my lungs feel like they’re full of…something. I may not be getting enough oxygen to my brain. Poor little synapsis aren’t synapsising. BAH!!! I hate getting sick.

      I haven’t gotten a Blogger account. I don’t think I will in the future either. It’s nothing against them, but I hardly have enough interesting things to say for this site, let alone another. 🙂


      1. also add amazon to that list – seriously wtf is with the updates!?!?!?!

        I started blogger yonks ago and it used to be a duplicate of my myspace blog coz i had three friends who couldn’t open myspace, LOL! now it’s a once in awhile posting place.


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