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“Guest” Photos: Yay! Old Stuff! Plus Hoffman Haus Highlights!

I was talking to my hubby the other day, and I needed a photo he’d taken.  Long story short, he was only going to give me the one photo that I asked him for and I just wanted him to drag the entire file onto my zip drive.  Between the two of us, we take an insane amount of pics!  He ended up dragging ALL of his files to my zip drive.  I think he was trying to be cute, or funny, or something…anyways, I made a snotty comment,  and he rolled his eyes at me, and I finally was able to find the ONE pic that I needed in ALL of his pic files.

*Side note, I probably shouldn’t have asked him for the pic when he had my sister’s laptop taken apart and in pieces all over my dining room table.  Also, he does NOT like it when I make dog references to him when I think he’s “barking” at me.  Yeah, of the two of us, I’m the one with the snarky comments, he’s the sane, rational one.  Difficult to believe, I know!  😉

Two hours later, his hard drive got eaten up by a virus!  He lost ALL of his files on his hard drive.  I’m sure there’s a lesson in here somewhere, but I’m too tired to think of what that might be.  🙂  Don’t call hubby: Old Yeller, Cujo, Lassie, or Rin Tin Tin when you want him to do you a favor would probably be high on this lessons list.  Back up your files OFTEN would be another.

Anyways…here’s some very cool pics the hubby took back in ???   Umm…Fallish?  Maybe  November?  Ah ha!  JPG says 11-26-11.








Sooooo happy that hubby put ALL of his pics on my zip drive before the crash!!!!

Have a great day!




2 thoughts on ““Guest” Photos: Yay! Old Stuff! Plus Hoffman Haus Highlights!”

  1. which reminds me I need to spend a day backing up mine…. bah!

    those are awesome shots! What a cool, cool find! Makes me jealous 😉

    and yeah, hubby’s have this thing about being interrupted when surrounded by electronic components (or while working on their wife’s website *cough*). I don’t know why. They just don’t see that what WE want at that exact moment is more important – LMAO! 😉


    1. Tell me about it! I don’t back up my files NEARLY as often as I should. 😉

      I’ll tell my hubby you enjoyed the pics! He’s enjoyed the pics you’ve posted as well. We both have. 🙂

      I don’t know what it is about hubby’s being interrupted either! Just because he had a billion teeny tiny pieces carefully laid out, and a cat and dog who wanted to “help” him, doesn’t mean he can’t just drop EVERYTHING because I have a whim! Plus it all worked out well out for EVERYONE, so I didn’t even learn ANY life lessons from this experience! LMAO! The only thing my hubby was worried about losing was ALL of his pic files, and they were saved thanks to my inappropriate timing. 🙂 Have I mentioned how much I love my hubby? Yeah…I think he’s pretty terrific! 😉


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