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Intentionally a Day Late for #ROW80 Wednesday Check In #SOPA

SO…I’m intentionally a day late for my Wednesday check in.  Why?  Because I wanted to do SOMETHING besides signing a petition.  I wanted to do something tangible to protest the SOPA bill.  My blog was on strike on 1-18-12.  Now, I could have black out my entire blog, but instead, I threw on some links that I found helpful.  I didn’t go online at all yesterday.  That was my choice.  Instead, I thought about how dependent I’ve become on sites such as WordPress, Facebook, and Wikipedia.  I thought about the many people who’ve come into my life, that would be negatively affected by this bill.  I AM opposed to online piracy, but I’m against the way the SOPA bill has been written.

By the way, you can find  the black “stop censorship” banner that’s in the upper right hand corner of my blog by going to your WordPress dashboard, go to “settings,” and then click “Protest SOPA/PIPI.”

Now, for my Wednesday check in!

ROW 80 is a friendly group that’s there to help writers focus on their writing goals.  Each writer decides what they would like to accomplish in the next 80 days.  We check in on Sundays and Wednesdays with their “linky tool” and are welcome to adjust our goals as we need to.  If you’re late getting started, that’s OK.  Round 1 lasts from January 2, 2012 through March 22, 2012.

Sunday:   Another reading day.

Monday:  736 new words on my WIP.

Tuesday:  553 new words on my WIP

Signed up for SSS, but I’m not sure if I did it right.  Usually, I can get the link when I do the preview, and just subtract the word “preview.”  It wouldn’t let me do that this time.

Total words written: 1289 words.

Goal for the week: 5,000 words on my WIP.

Words left to write this week: 3711 words

I still haven’t even started my Blogophilia post.  I’ve been fighting a headache for the past couple of days.  It must be the change in air pressure.  The weather has been really strange around here for January.

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Intentionally a Day Late for #ROW80 Wednesday Check In #SOPA”

  1. aha! SSS! thanks for the reminder!


    or not… linky is having technical difficulties. No way i’ll remember again :p

    I always just use my default blog address ( and then just make sure not to post anything between midnight sunday and sometime mid day sunday so that the sss post is right on top 😉

    ha! took me forever to find out how you got your snifty SOPA banner yesterday! :p Flickr had a cool SOPA option to black out photos but it apparently only lasted yesterday as mine are all back and unblack today.


    1. I might have to do that for the next SSS.

      I was happily surprised by the amount of response I’ve been getting at work. Most people I know didn’t know why so many sites like Wikipedia were blacked out on Wed. They saw that I was against SOPA/PIPI, so I was the one to educate. 😉


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