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Monday Updates

We’ve had SOOO much rain! Not that I’m complaining. I like seeing the new plant babies pop up, but I DON’T like to water them. However, LOTS of rain leads to mutant fungus like these gems:


They look like pasta is growing out of my wood mulch.  The Internet seems to thinks it’s Peziza domiciliana, commonly known as the domicile cup fungus

More stuff is growing:


PLUS, I got a little greedy buying one dollar discounted plants in the clearance bin at Lowes, so I’ve got NINE more perennials to squeeze in this week. I LOVE the sad plants from the clearance area. They have a stronger will to live than the full priced ones. LOL


Hope you’re able to get outside this week and the weather cooperates in your area!

Have a great day!

xo Juli


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