Vampire Gardening

Vampire Gardening

Not sure what kind of bush/tree this is. It came with the house. 😉 Sure is pretty this year. This is the most I’ve seen it blossom.
On a side note, I got in another hour and a half of gardening this morning. I burn soooo easily, I have to dress in long sleeves, long pants, and of course I HAVE to have on a hat. Even still, I can only work in the yard at sunrise or sunset or I STILL risk getting burned. I stayed out into the early afternoon on Friday, and badly burned the backs of my hands and the wrist of my right hand where my sleeve pulled up. It kind of looks like I’m wearing a pink glove, but no, that’s burnt skin. How ridiculous! I would never survive in the wild. Hubby has dubbed my latest obsession “vampire gardening.” *Rolls eyes.* Although, I DID buy some four o’clock seeds and some moon flower seeds. Might as well have things that bloom when I’m outside to enjoy them…which is mostly at night, Gesh!
Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Vampire Gardening”

  1. There’s a house in my neighbourhood and we are convinced the old lady is a vamp. She is rarely seen but when she is spotted she wearing a hat and many layers of clothing on the hottest days. the garden is one of the most perfect little spaces we’ve ever seen. Perfectly decorated for every holiday season.


  2. You need lots of shade plants. LOL.

    My biggest problem working outside is bugs. Since I live pretty much in the woods, the bugs like to bite me day and night. This year, I’ve made up a natural insect repellent. We’ll see if that works. The same website I found that on actually has a natural sunscreen, too. I need to look into that.


    1. I used to wear Avon’s Skin So Soft when I’d go horseback riding. I’d squirt some on my horse, too. It worked as well as the poison’s that are out there, AND we both smelled better, sort of. OK, so the horse JUST smelled like a horse getting ready for a hot date, but it DID repel most of the bugs. 🙂


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