Springtime in Michigan

Springtime in Michigan

Now THIS is what Spring usually looks like in Michigan! 🙂 *Pic of soggy wet apple blossoms.

Today was a GOOD day to get some gardening done in my front yard, the sunniest area of my postage stamp-sized property. It’s been sunny for almost a week. Very confusing. That’s MUCH more sun than what we’re used to. Though being this far north on the equator, the sun is deceptively strong, even through the cloud cover. Still had to wear long sleeves and a hat. Oh! And today, I drug out the boots. Yup! They’re red. No need to try for something subtle when I’m sure I already look like the “crazy gardening lady,” which is a LOT like the “crazy cat lady,” minus most of the cats. Gesh!!!

Have a great day!!!

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