It's Another Vacation!

I’m back from vacation…

Frankenmuth, Michigan is BEAUTIFUL, its own miniature Bavaria right here in the States.  This was the first vacation we've gone on as a family where we all stayed overnight in a hotel room.  Lovely time!!!  Kiddo was the right age for this kind of trip. Short post.  Lots of catching up to do!    :)… Continue reading I’m back from vacation…


Summer Reading

My KMom loaned out a few of her books on Mother's day, a little impromptu summer reading book club.  Last night, I finished reading The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver.  Holy wow!  I think this book should be on every writer's "to read" pile.  There are books that are written purely for entertainment, and there are… Continue reading Summer Reading

Ann Arbor, Michigan

4 Day Weekend!

Wow!  It's been busy around here!  Last week, it felt like I had a month's worth of work related drama in only a matter of days.  Crazy stuff!!!  I've never been bored at work, not ever, but last week took things to the extreme.  I'm convinced that we are NOT allowed to have a holiday… Continue reading 4 Day Weekend!