I Can Only Take Care of Half-Dead Plants…

I Can Only Take Care of Half-Dead Plants...

Post holidays are my FAVORITE time to pick up new plants. While I’m a bad plant mommy, I KNOW there are others that are out there who are FAR worse. I picked up these sorry looking plants last night for only a couple of dollars. The others were “dead-dead.” These are only “half-dead.” 🙂 These are the fighters, the plants that TRIED to survive in a department store setting, minus sunshine, water, and any care whatsoever.

Over the years, I’ve pick up a BUNCH of these abused misfits and stuck them in my garden. They’re ugly now, but give them a week or two in the ground, and they should pop back up, better than ever. I have trouble growing “healthy” plants, the ones that were babied and treated right from the start. These new guys will forgive me if I forget to water them or if I stick them in an iffy location.
They won’t know I’m a bad plant mommy! 🙂

Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “I Can Only Take Care of Half-Dead Plants…”

  1. I’m going to try the half-dead trick because I kill pretty much everything that grows. Even heather which is supposed to grow anywhere. *sigh*

    The only things I can successfully grow are those amaryllis bulbs we get in the supermarket around Christmas time, and that’s only because they can survive anything. They obviously survive despite me…


    1. Survival of the fittest! I once killed off a heather (plant)! It started off healthy, so it was doomed from the start. I have some lavender that are looking pretty sorry. I bought those because they smelled nice. Silly me! They were healthy looking when I bought them; now I’m not sure if they’re going to make it. But the post-holiday stragglers…I ALWAYS do well with them!


  2. ha ha! never thought of doing ti that way – I always start with healthy happy plants. maybe I should try half dead ones? you know, thinking on it, the only plant I was ever successful with was one I inherited after my grandmother died – my grandpa had been in charge of it for some time and it was in bad shape. It was an ugly little plant no one else wanted… i think you’re on to something!!


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