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Our Name Has Changed!


After much deliberating, I finally put on my big girl pants and changed the name of my site.  The Williamson Vampires are still going to be part of this blog.  Heck, Bobbi and Chloe Williamson’s fictional antics gave me the courage to start this blog.  I’m not about to forget them!!  But the thing is, my little vampire playground is only a teeny-tiny part of what I write about.

It’s hard to move forward, to admit that I’ve grown as a person and as a writer.  Changing the name…makes me feel sad.  And happy.  And confused.  But mostly happy…until I get nostalgic.  *Sniff!*

Anyhoo…I’m still here.  I’m still me.  I’m still rambling about my vampires, and fairies, and other fictional friends.  I’m also going to continue to post my pics, to yammer on about the antics at yonder Hoffman Haus, along with ALL my other ramblings.

In other words, bigger circus tent, but still the same pen-monkey.

9 thoughts on “Our Name Has Changed!”

  1. Hi Juli! Now that I finally have a Facebook page it seems I can’t find the link to your FB page. *sad*. Do you mind sending me the link? You can email it to me if you don’t want to put it in the comment section ( Thanks!


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