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Our Name Has Changed!

After much deliberating, I finally put on my big girl pants and changed the name of my site.  The Williamson Vampires are still going to be part of this blog.  Heck, Bobbi and Chloe Williamson's fictional antics gave me the courage to start this blog.  I'm not about to forget them!!  But the thing is, my… Continue reading Our Name Has Changed!

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You Can’t Have Dysfunctional Without The Word FUN!

Dear ShinePositivePower, We bumped into each other over at Stories of Sandeept, (Sheepishly waving hi!) where I gave this completely unsolicited advice: When I’m in a writing funk, or I’m in a mood where NOTHING inspires me, every piece of advice sounds like a Charlie Brown teacher, “Wawaaa, wa wa wa, waaaa.” Step away from the… Continue reading You Can’t Have Dysfunctional Without The Word FUN!

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Writing 101: One-Word Inspiration I write urban paranormal stories for a YA/NA audience.  What does that mean?  It's a highbrow way of saying I like to write stories about vampires...and fairies, and other make-believe, supernatural characters.  I throw these fictional beings into our universe, and I giggle when everyday life happens to them. *See, this… Continue reading Home