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I Think I Accidentally became an Amazon Top 10,000 Reviewer…Or Something.

I didn’t know Amazon HAD reviewer rankings until last night. I was binge-watching YouTube videos (of course) when I saw a woman explain how she got her Reviewer Ranking from the #7million range to #30,000-ish. I’m not going to embarrass her by sharing the link, but the angst was strong with this person. I watched other videos that talked about Amazon Reviewer Rankings. It’s a THING! It’s like Klout…but with Amazon? Who knew???

So, after MUCH struggling to figure out how to see my own profile page—not super tech-savvy—this is my ranking as an AMAZON Reviewer:

(Pic was cropped from a screenshot.)

Seriously??? As of today, I’m #8,373 out of tens of millions of reviewers??? That seems rather impossible to believe, especially since I didn’t have ANYTHING on my profile as far as links, or pictures, or whatever…until today.

Screenshot (90)

The funny thing is, there were Amazon reviewers that didn’t have as high of a ranking as me who were getting sent free products to review and whatnot.


Who knew?

I created a public profile page this morning because it seemed like something I should do. Other people are struggling to improve their ranking, after all. I did…almost nothing. I don’t review stuff on Amazon all that often. I signed up for some sites last night that look for high ranking reviewers. I will let you know if any of them are legit. (I’m not holding my breath.) Free stuff is cool, but can’t imagine anyone giving me anything. I was gobsmacked when I received my FIRST (and only) ARC copy of a physical book. Stuff like this doesn’t usually happen to me.

Yes, this IS my “crazy cat lady pic” on my profile pic.

Juli Hoffman and Steve

Yes, I have more “professional” looking photos…but then strangers wouldn’t question my ranking. Also, I’ve dressed Steve like this:


Any “crazy cat lady” remarks are probably well-earned! LOL

Keeping “stuff” real over here at yonder Hoffman Haus! I don’t want all this “publicity” to go to my head. LMAO!!!!!

xo Juli


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