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I feel SOOOO old. Social media is NOT for the faint of heart. I’m trying to figure out Instagram. I’ve figured out how to follow other people. I still don’t know how to post anything. Although, I did figure out how to use the bunny ears filter. (Apparently, this is important???)




My hair is pulled back in this pic.
I’m a tired bunny!  LMAO!!!  If anyone knows any helpful tips, that would be awesome! My Instagram is:


xo Juli

P.S. Only using L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up to blend the natural hair with my dyed hair. At this point, my bangs are entirely silver! It’s like Lord of the Rings hair!!!  😀

10 thoughts on “Instagram?”

  1. I have no interest in Instagram — partly because I refuse to participate in Facebook or any of its related businesses. Any site that tells me to “sign in in using my Facebook account” is a site I ignore. Yesterday I read about a bakery pop-up in a local coffee business that lets customers know when the pop-up will be there solely through Instagram. Huge success. I guess I won’t be eating those unnecessary-to-my-health pastries…. unless I happen to be walking past anyway.

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  2. PS – to post, you go to your IG app, and click on the + sign in the middle. After that, you can choose to use a photo from your device’s gallery, or other folder, or take a new pic to post. 🙂 There’s a “next” link in the upper right that will take you to the next steps to get your pic posted. You can do it! 🙂


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