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Persistence and Author Amanda Brooke

This Twitter post came up on my Facebook feed this morning and I had to share it…on WordPress. ??? LOL (Yes, we live in a convoluted social media world.)

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t read any of Amanda Brooke‘s books, yet. However, she seems to be a prolific writer. (She’s about to start writing her tenth book.) From what I’ve gathered, Amanda Brooke buys and wraps little treats for herself at the beginning of her writing projects, then opens them as she reaches milestone goals.

Here’s what she said on Twitter:

For those asking, the packages contain edible, drinkable or nice smelling treats. They’re only little things, it’s the joy of opening them and seeing the bag of goodies get smaller and smaller that I’m looking forward to.

I think this is a great idea that could be adapted for all sorts of goals from writing to exercising. We all need an extra push at times in order to reach our goals. This seems like a really positive way to get there.

Thank you so much, Amanda Brooke, for sharing this Twitter post! I think I might adopt this idea for my own writing goals.

xo Juli

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