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Five Ways to Read More Books this Year.

I started actively using Goodreads back in 2016 as a way to track my reading habits and the books I’ve read. My goal is to read a book a week, or around 52 books a year.

Here are my results:

  1. 2016: 78 books
  2. 2017: 104 books
  3. 2018: 97 books
  4. 2019: 33 books and counting

Yes, I work outside of my home. I still find time to binge-watch my favorite shows on Netflix. I listen to podcasts. I’m a big fan of YouTube. While I have cut back on the time I spend perusing social media, this is a relatively new change in behavior, within the last couple of months or so.

So, how do I find time to enjoy so many books? How can you read more books in a year?

1. Consistency. I read almost every day. I am NOT a fast reader. When my Kindle gives me its guesstimated reading time, I ALWAYS go over the average time. However, I love books with a passion. Even books I’ve hated often give me something to think about. Every book has its teaching moments.

There’s a formula out there they may not be completely accurate, but it’s probably pretty close:

Each minute per day spent reading=ONE book read per year.

Each minute per day spent reading

Think about it. If you read around one page per day in a novel that’s around three hundred and something pages long, at the end of a year you’ll have read one book.

2. Audiobooks. It’s not “cheating” to listen to the audio version of a book. I listen to audiobooks on my commute to and from work. Some people enjoy audiobooks while working out at the gym or while cleaning their home. Most libraries offer several types of audiobook services for FREE in addition to dead tree books.

3. Digital Books. I am NOT the most tech-savvy person, but I like the portability of digital books. You can download a book to your phone and read during your break at work rather than scanning social media posts. Most libraries have digital copies of books to borrow. Again, it’s all about consistency. Even if you only read for a few minutes, it takes you mentally out of your work environment and adds up to more books enjoyed per year.

4. Promiscuity. It’s okay to “date” multiple books. It’s okay to listen to one book on your commute in your car and read a different book on your phone on your lunch break. I am a “promiscuous” reader. If the book I’m reading isn’t holding my attention, I’ll move on to something else. Maybe I’ll try reading it later. Or not! You don’t have to “commit” to a story that isn’t holding your attention.

5. Diversity. Read widely. Read books from authors who live in other countries than your own. Read about subjects you know NOTHING about. I try to read from many genres both in fiction and nonfiction. There are books I thought I would hate, that turned out to be some of my favorites. Diversity sparks curiosity…which tends to lead to more reading. You don’t know what you’ll like until you give it a try.

How do you find time to read?

Leave your advice in the comments below!

xo Juli

5 thoughts on “Five Ways to Read More Books this Year.”

  1. I have not committed to buying a digital reader — but I finally realized that may be the solution to reading while my husband watches movies on TV in the same room. (Enough light for me to read by casts too much light on the TV screen.) But: which reader do you use for downloading library books? I listen to books on an MP3 player, which really limits what is available for download from my library. I don’t want a reader that’s tied to Amazon or Google…. I want free books! (My husband is willing to read books on his phone. I’m not. I have enough trouble remembering to recharge it!) Suggestions or advice?

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    1. My local library allows you to borrow Amazon books from their stash of purchased books plus they use the Libby, Hoopla, and Overdrive Apps that work on almost any device.

      If I were starting from scratch and didn’t have a reader or smart phone, I’d probably ask my local librarian which devices have worked well with the apps they use and go from there. Honestly, they’ll even help you get your reader set up to use digital content. Librarians, in my opinion, are AMAZING!!

      As an added bonus, there are also library apps that allow you to view digital copies of magazines for free. My library uses RB Digital.) I’ve been scrolling through the latest issues/back issues of some of my favorite magazines without the hassle of even MORE “junk mail” stacked all over my home. For free. LOVE that!!!

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      1. Thank you for taking time to help me. “Ask a librarian” is always a good answer ! Those are the apps available at my library. Over the years that recorded books have actually gotten me down to the gym and on to the treadmill, my public library changed from a service that had hundreds of books I wanted to listen to, to Overdrive, which has mostly new books from authors I don’t read, and a few “school” classics I’ve already read. My husband has discovered audio books on YouTube, but the download App he installed for me stopped working…. If that’s the worst problem in my life, I am a lucky woman and should practice gratitude constantly! 🙂

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