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Temple Grandin: The Movie and The TED Talk

Yesterday, I reviewed Dr. Temple Grandin's latest book: Calling All Minds: How To Think and Create Like an Inventor. (Fabulous book, by the way. It would make a great gift for any kid under 12.) In my book review, I mentioned there was a movie that came out back in 2010 based on Dr. Grandin's book, Emergence. If you’re… Continue reading Temple Grandin: The Movie and The TED Talk

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I’m Getting “Super Better?”

I first learned of Jane McGonigal while listening to NPR. Now, I'm a BIG fan of TED Talks.  And NPR.  I read self-help books.  For fun!  However, I'm NOT a gamer.  I get bored easily.  I have the attention span of a humming bird. And...I struggle—daily—with depression. My symptoms go up and down like… Continue reading I’m Getting “Super Better?”

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What’s Your Story’s Worth??

I was folding laundry while I watched TedTalks on Netflix this morning.  I've learned if I want to be productive with the TV on, I can watch TedTalks or an episode of Hoarders.  If I watch TedTalks, I learn something new.  If I watch Hoarders, I want to throw out everything in my home.  Both shows… Continue reading What’s Your Story’s Worth??