Random, Silly Poetry

A Winter Poem, by Juli HoffmanT'was 10 shopping days before Christmas,The roads were all white, With at LEAST 6 inches of snow,And not a snow plow in sight!Other States might close down,Going out would be crazy! But not in dear Michigan,Stay indoors? That's just lazy.Get your butt into work,And you better NOT be late!You can leave the… Continue reading Random, Silly Poetry


Mid January Thaw

I am aching for spring!  It's seeped into my thoughts and crowded my brain with visions of gardens, and plants, and afternoons sitting on my deck. I usually roll with the weather.  Winter is supposed to be cold.  We're supposed to have snow and frost.  That's normal...at least it is around here.  However, it's warming up outside.  It's only… Continue reading Mid January Thaw