Mid January Thaw

I am aching for spring!  It's seeped into my thoughts and crowded my brain with visions of gardens, and plants, and afternoons sitting on my deck. I usually roll with the weather.  Winter is supposed to be cold.  We're supposed to have snow and frost.  That's normal...at least it is around here.  However, it's warming up outside.  It's only… Continue reading Mid January Thaw

Life, Michigan

Hoffman Haus Updates: We’re OK!

It's unseasonably warm here in Michigan.  At this time in March, we usually still have some snow on the ground, but it was so warm out yesterday, I was outside in a t-shirt and capris.  It's been REALLY muggy and  humid out for this time of year.  It makes it hard to breathe when it's… Continue reading Hoffman Haus Updates: We’re OK!

Random Ramblings

I put away my snow shovel!

April 18, 2011 in Michigan, USAI thought I knew better than Mother Nature, but she does have a sense of humor.  Note to self, NEVER put away your snow shovel, just because the calendar says it's Spring!  Michigan doesn't look at the calendar.  It's supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow.