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#ROW80 Sunday Check In

I made it through my first week of ROW 80, a Round of Words in 80 Days.  Woo hoo!

ROW 80 is a friendly group that’s there to help writers focus on their writing goals.  Each writer decides what they would like to accomplish in the next 80 days.  We check in on Sundays and Wednesdays with their “linky tool” and are welcome to adjust our goals as we need to.  If you’re late getting started, that’s OK.  Round 1 lasts from January 2, 2012 through March 22, 2012.

So…here’s what I’ve accomplished since Wednesday.  My Goals Post was on 1-2-12.


I wrote another short story for my Blogophilia post.

You can read “Angels in the Snow” at this link.  I also posted it to my Wattpad account.  🙂


Worked a double shift, 14 1/2 hours, but still managed to write 385 new words AFTER my long shift was over.  I’m very proud of that!  😉


Kiddo’s birthday party.  Oh the people watching!  I wrote a few words, but I didn’t keep track of how many, so they don’t count.

Total words written: 773 plus a few more on my WIP.   I had a slow “writing start,” but next week will be better!  🙂

Goal for the week: 5,000 words.

Words left to write: 4,227 words *minus a few.

Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “#ROW80 Sunday Check In”

    1. OMG! It was a crazy, crazy week!!!
      Birthday Party went OK. I’m convinced that there’s a Chuck-E-Cheese in hell…and I don’t mean Hell, Michigan! LOL All I can say is…WOW!!!! If you ever need ideas for new characters, I highly recommend sitting in a Chuck-E-Cheese for 2-3 hours. YIKES!!! I haven’t done that much people watching in a LONG time. As a bonus, the Chuck-E-Cheese we went to is in a snooty area, which I found even more entertaining. There’s nothing like seeing a limo parked in front of a kid’s pizza place. Who takes a limo to Chuck-E-Cheese? Oh the questions! My hubby has a theory that my characters are stalking me. Virginia had such a great time at Walmart, she decided to hang out at Chuck-E-Cheese…for the buffet! LMAO!


  1. You had a busy week and still sat down to write, kudos to you! Went over and read ‘Angels in the Snow’; what a lovely, well told story!


  2. Starting is a big chunk of the battle, so well done!

    Great story, btw. Weirdly reminded me of my family. Except there would have been more warring with my kids. And probably less snow. And a sad lack of a jacuzzi tub. 😉 I can’t for the life of me write with prompts or anything remotely similar, so much respect.


    1. Thanks Claire! It’s tough trying to be “Wonder Woman” all day at work, be a good mom and wife, and still get in some writing in my “down time,” during the wee hours in the morning or after the kiddo is asleep. GESH!!!
      I wasn’t sure if I could do “writing prompts” either, but I wanted to give it a try. They’re REALLY fun and I’ve met some good people with Blogophilia. Everyone has been so supportive.
      No jacuzzi tub for me either, but I do have a giant bathtub that’s currently being used to house plants during the winter months. They aren’t looking real happy, but there’s a skylight over the tub, and I usually take showers. It looks a little like a jungle in my bathroom! LOL


  3. Juli, I’m extremely impressed with your achievements on Friday -well done! I love your positivity and determination; I just can sense you will achieve what you set out to do -besides, ROW80 is not about being tough on yourself, so enjoy the experience and adapt your goals as and when you need to.

    Sincere good luck to you! 😀


    1. Thanks! I’m not a “glass half-full” sort of girl. I always EXPECT the glass will be half-empty, with a bug floating in it, a lipstick stains on the rim, and a crack along the side: So if I even get a clean glass, I’m doing cartwheels! Never mind how much liquid is inside of it. I think that’s the key to true happiness, low expectations.

      I was able to get in “some” writing this week, despite the insanity. That makes me very pleased. 🙂


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