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#FirstLineFriday Things Are Looking Up!

*I tried to post this on Friday, but it disappeared into the ether.  Poof!  This Saturday morning, it's back.  A sign?  Perhaps! What a difference a day makes!  I've got newer tread on all four of my tires.  The car's running right.  Check engine light is off.  Got in an eight-hour shift at work today.  And...I'm… Continue reading #FirstLineFriday Things Are Looking Up!


An Excerpt

I think the new reaction chapter I've been working on is done!  YAY!!! Here is another excerpt.  This is a "Chloe" chapter: ~*~ Aunt Bobbi nodded her head.  “I’ve got two words for you, Jason.  Corncob.  Recliner.” “Oh!  OH!  Now, that’s not fair.  I can’t believe you’re bringing that up!” “You started it.” “I never-”… Continue reading An Excerpt