An Excerpt

I think the new reaction chapter I’ve been working on is done!  YAY!!!

Here is another excerpt.  This is a “Chloe” chapter:


Aunt Bobbi nodded her head.  “I’ve got two words for you, Jason.  Corncob.  Recliner.”

“Oh!  OH!  Now, that’s not fair.  I can’t believe you’re bringing that up!”

“You started it.”

“I never-” he growled, biting off the rest of his sentence, an ugly sneer on his face.  I had no idea what they were referring to, and I didn’t think I wanted to know.  Aunt Bobbi remained composed, satisfied.   Her lips had formed into a playful smirk.

I expected Uncle Jason to be mad.  I expected him to yell at her.  I didn’t expect the rumble of laughter that emanated from his chest.  It filled the room.  I hadn’t seen my Uncle laugh this hard since before my dad had gotten sick, maybe even longer that.  “We didn’t have electricity for at least three weeks,” he said, choking out the words.

“I remember. ”  Aunt Bobbi’s smirk evolved into a smile.

Uncle Jason used to laugh all the time, at least he did in my memories.  When I was little, he’d swing me around, and around until the room was a blur and we were both dizzy.  Then I’d squeal with laughter until I’d run out of breath.  I’d come to associate Uncle Jason with laughter.  He and my dad had been close, more like brothers than good friends.  Whenever things were gloomy, Uncle Jason had been the fun one in my life, my favorite Uncle, even if he wasn’t related to me.

Things had changed between us.  I wasn’t little anymore.  Sure, he still called me “kiddo,” but the laughter had faded away.  I forgot how much I missed the laughter.


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