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You Can’t Have Dysfunctional Without The Word FUN!

Dear ShinePositivePower, We bumped into each other over at Stories of Sandeept, (Sheepishly waving hi!) where I gave this completely unsolicited advice: When I’m in a writing funk, or I’m in a mood where NOTHING inspires me, every piece of advice sounds like a Charlie Brown teacher, “Wawaaa, wa wa wa, waaaa.” Step away from the… Continue reading You Can’t Have Dysfunctional Without The Word FUN!

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Blogging 201: Three Goals

I'm not very good at setting goals.  Scratch that.  I'm great at setting's following through with those goals that trips me up. And then...I had a milestone birthday. Forty. Yeah, THAT milestone birthday. I thought I'd be able to get more accomplished by the time I reached my middle years.  I think this is a… Continue reading Blogging 201: Three Goals

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#FirstLineFriday Things Are Looking Up!

*I tried to post this on Friday, but it disappeared into the ether.  Poof!  This Saturday morning, it's back.  A sign?  Perhaps! What a difference a day makes!  I've got newer tread on all four of my tires.  The car's running right.  Check engine light is off.  Got in an eight-hour shift at work today.  And...I'm… Continue reading #FirstLineFriday Things Are Looking Up!