Life After Forty, Random Ramblings

Lobster Claw Fist Bump!

Alarm goes off.  I wait until the last possible second to get up, get out of bed, and get my kiddo off to school.  Take off right wrist brace.  Check!  Take off left wrist brace and...hold right hand is completely numb and useless.  I actually used my right hand like a club‒a club with a… Continue reading Lobster Claw Fist Bump!

It's Another Vacation!, Life

Back Again, Sort of; I’m on Vacation!

Wow!  Has it really been a month?  Well, I’d love to share some fantastic news, and tell you all that I’m completely mended, that my wrist is “normal,” and moonbeams and ponies are flying out of my…nose, but…that’s not true.  Left wrist was feeling left out, and now I’m sporting a wrist support on both… Continue reading Back Again, Sort of; I’m on Vacation!