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610 Kirby Street, I’m Writing Again.

I did some writing last night, nothing exciting, but I did feel inspired to write again.  It's been a while. I blame my new weird fascination/goal.  I've been trying to improve my mind by learning something different.  I wanted to learn about something I previously knew nothing about, something that would be "new to me." Last night,… Continue reading 610 Kirby Street, I’m Writing Again.



Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone's become disconnected in regards to how their food gets on their plate?We had some REALLY gorgeous weather last week, and then a cold snap on Sunday.  I mentioned how rough my apple blossoms looked after the frost on Sunday.  They don't like the cold!  Last… Continue reading Disconnected


Mother’s Day Reflections

Mother's Day is a tricky holiday for me. You see, I lost my mother years ago to Multiple Sclerosis, and while my relationship with my mother was complicated, she was still my mom. Since her death, I've had other women come into my life, other mothers who have helped fill the mom-shaped hole in my… Continue reading Mother’s Day Reflections