Life After Forty, Weight Loss

The List of MORE

I’ve lost 2 lbs since my post on September 13th, 2017.

I’m down to 182.6 lbs.

I can’t tell you how I lost this weight and share my magical weight loss system. If I had a magical weight loss system, I believe there would be unicorns, and balloons, and sparkles, and kittens, and music—which would be quite lovely! Alas, I think stress played its part—hence the weight loss—so I wouldn’t recommend this as a long-term weight loss solution.

Hubby went back to his doctor for a follow-up visit. Skippy-the-wonder-intern relented on hubby’s weight loss goals. He wants my husband to lose 5 lbs a month—a realistic goal. He also gave my husband a less than helpful list, which I have renamed, “The List of No.”

The List of No:

  • No Fast Food
  • No Pork
  • No Beef  (Maybe one serving once or twice a month)
  • No White Breads or Pastas (Only whole grains)

Sadly, there isn’t a list of what can be eaten. (And we don’t eat pork very often.)

Now, my hubby and I are intelligent people. We can read between the lines and come up with something. If I were to make a list of what we can and should do, I’d call it the “List of More” and it would look something like this:

The List of MORE:

  • More Pretty Vegetables (The more colorful, the better)
  • More Fabulous Fruit (Fresh fruit is sexy)
  • More Squirrel Food (Healthy Carbs: Bread and such with seeds, nuts, and whole grains)
  • More Fiber Foods (Beans, Squirrel Food, Veggies & Fruit)
  • More Movement (Dancing in your underwear is encouraged)
  • More Cuddles (This is where kittens can help)
  • More Laughter (And the positive actions that encourage it)
  • More Self-Care (Soak those tired feet!)
  • More Music (Either on your favorite device or self-produced)
  • More Hobbies (The stuff that makes your soul soar—not sore)
  • More Truth (Is it REALLY the end of the world or is it just terribly inconvenient)
  • More Beauty (Words, nature, art, actions—the gravy of life)
  • More Memories (Try something new, spend time with your loved ones)
  • More Kindness (For yourself, for others—we’re all slightly out of our depth)

I would add to “The List of More” as my needs increased because life is not static, it changes and grows. Constantly. Sometimes without warning. I am NOT the same person I was a year ago and that’s okay.

I’m not a doctor, but The List Of More seems like a sustainable, long-term way to live.

xo Juli

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