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Wild Wednesday: #ROW80 Midweek Check In

I started out my day by getting lost in Detroit and ended my day at a fundraiser.  My Wednesdays are usually not this exciting!  Ah well!  I did make it to my meeting for work.  That actually went well.  Thank goodness for the little stuff of life! Hubby, kiddo, and I went to an "Empty… Continue reading Wild Wednesday: #ROW80 Midweek Check In

Row 80, Writing

#ROW80 1/29/12 Recap: An “Oh Boy!” Kind Of Week

ROW 80 is a friendly group that's there to help writers focus on their writing goals.  Each writer decides what they would like to accomplish in the next 80 days.  We check in on Sundays and Wednesdays with their “linky tool” and are welcome to adjust our goals as we need to.  If you're late getting started, that's… Continue reading #ROW80 1/29/12 Recap: An “Oh Boy!” Kind Of Week

Row 80

#ROW80 and Life Updates

This has been the week of the migraine! I don't know if it's the weather, or what's been going on, but I've had a headache all week!  I'm NOT sick.  Sinuses seem OK.  Bah!  The thing is, I don't normally get headaches, and especially not the light-sensitive variety, which is what I have.  I've been taking… Continue reading #ROW80 and Life Updates