Dark Ramblings with Author Joleene Naylor

Dark Ramblings with Author Joleene Naylor

Ashes of Deceit Blog Tour, Day 5:  Leave a comment and your email address for a Chance to Win a FREE e-book by author Joleene Naylor.  A winner will be chosen on June 25, 2012.  “So…what blogs do you follow?” Blogs?  Back in early winter of 2011, I didn’t follow any blogs.  Heck!  I hardly… Continue reading Dark Ramblings with Author Joleene Naylor

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I made it through Easter weekend!

It's the Monday after Easter and...I made it through.  There's been a lot of death and sickness going on among the people I care about, but I made it through this Easter weekend. For those of you who don't know, my mother passed away on a Good Friday.  She'd suffered with Multiple Sclerosis my entire life.  Her immune system… Continue reading I made it through Easter weekend!


Kreativ Blogger

Joleene Naylor was kind enough to award me The Kreativ Blogger Award.  Thanks Jo!  I'll admit that recently, I haven't felt all that creative.  It's been crazy at yonder Hoffman Haus!  🙂 Here are ten facts that you might not know.  My blog will be a one year old on 3-18-2012.  Wow!  Has it really… Continue reading Kreativ Blogger