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Short post: Spending time with my Girls

I love having time to do the things I enjoy.  I’ve been trying to make time for creativity, but there’s nothing like a vacation.  The last couple of days have been especially fun, editing wise.  I missed spending quality time with my girls…my female characters, that is.  It’s strange.  I created them, but they’ve taken on a life of their own.  I’m not exactly a girlie sort of person.  I look like I would be, but I’m not.  I like getting my hands dirty.  I like building things.  I live in house full of guys, and I’m quite comfortable around them.  But there’s a side of me that needs to come out, from time to time.  She likes antique china, and ribbons, and frills.  She secretly likes the color pink, in small quantities of course.  🙂  She like to watch old, sappy movies that make you want to cry.  I don’t spend NEARLY enough time with this part of myself.  However, I’ve noticed that the more time I spend with “my girls” on a regular basis, the more I want to do girl stuff.  My characters aren’t me, but we share some common interests.  I’d hang out with them.

So…after a serious round of edits, I decided to give my brain a break.  I watched some chick-flicks and drug out my embroidery floss.  I don’t know why.  My two main characters don’t sew, but I do.  I haven’t embroidered ANYTHING in years, but I found some of floss while I was going through some of my old stuff.  Wow!  It felt good to be able to be creative with a needle and thread again.  No rhyme or reason.  No pattern.  Just…playing.

I decided my carpenter pants needed a girlie touch. 🙂

Have a fantastic day!!!


7 thoughts on “Short post: Spending time with my Girls”

  1. I hang out with my characters a lot. 4 men 4 woman. Two of them don’t speak though so am having a problem getting a handle on them. Gideon does embrodery actually. My weekly blog which I will post soon shows his other interests. My truck driving character has become more girly since she met Victor. Have been doing drabbles for a friend’s publicity for her book. I love drabbles 😀


    1. That’s awesome Sue! One of my vampires does a bit of embroidery work, but he’s roughly 2500 years old, so I think he’s tried everything at LEAST once. LOL I haven’t played with him in a bit. He’s very opinionated. 😉 I don’t think any of my female characters bothers to pick up a needle and thread, not anymore. Heck, I’m not sure if Bobbi would bother to sew on a button anymore! She’d probably let the dry cleaner take care of that. However, I could see her wearing jeans with “stuff” sewn on them. She probably has a pair crammed inside one of her closets, leftover from her hippy days, I’m sure. He! He! She REALLY needs to clean out those closets! 🙂


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